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Título : An Economic Approach to Motor Vehicle Theft
Autor : Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios (ESEN)
Carcach, Carlos
Palabras clave : Illegal Behavior
Illegal Markets
Rent Seeking
Fecha de publicación : ene-2011
Series : 002/2011;
Resumen : Motor vehicle theft costs dearly to the Australian economy. Conservative estimates have put the annual cost of this form of illegal activity at 654 million during 1996. A number of initiatives aimed at reducing the incidence and cost of car theft have been implemented in recent years, yet statistics indicate that car theft is on the increase. Several authors have proposed an integrated approach to the regulation of markets for stolen property. Understanding property crime as a market is central to identifying approaches to its control. This paper discusses an industry model of crime and develops it on Australian data. Our model is an adaptation of one originally proposed by Vandeale (1978). It considers a production sector that uses inputs from a market of illegal labour to generate a supply of illegal goods that are traded in a product market. These sectors interact with each other and with a criminal justice sector. The model is applied to the analysis of car theft in Queensland.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10972/2673
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