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Título : Cultura y socialización
Autor : Berríos, Silverio Enrique
Contribuidor: Universidad Francisco Gavidia (UFG)
Palabras clave : Culture
Issue Date: Dec-2005
Editorial : UFG editores
Resumen : Culture is a process, which it goes being determined by the development of the economical base and the super structural transformations that are implied in their dialectic relation, the social, political, religious groups, etc. they develop their own patters of behaviour who make them be a group. this culture is transformed not only by the development of !he society, but also by the direct or indirect contact of the individuals with cultural elements of other countries or regions, with different or more developed cultures, that contact takes place of different ways, but the most common are the ones made through mass media; with the development of technology, there is not space left without connecting in the word, and the cultural elements are known in any society. It is here where the socializing processes and the socialization agents are involved, for that reason the trans-cultural processes are faster than before and the same generation lives different cultural elements.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10972/2770
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