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Título : Urgent care center problem
Otros títulos : Fantastic 4 Team: urgent care center problem
Autor : Viera Viera, Bryan Alberto
Ferreiro Mazzini, Ana Cristina
Sanchez Blandon, Emilio Francisco
Lopez Graciano, Jonathan Armando
Asesor: Guzmán, Sven
Contribuidor: Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios (ESEN)
Palabras clave : Simulation
Fecha de publicación : dic-2015
Resumen : Urgent Care Centers of Simio (UCCS) owns a number of urgent care centers across the country that provide patient care on a walk-in basis, typically during regular business hours as well as evenings and weekends. UCCS is generally equipped to treat conditions seen in primary care practices such as infections, flu, minor injuries, and simple fractures. UCCS are staffed by nurses, physicians and physician assistants, and specialists like an orthopedic specialist. UCCS facilities include areas for patient registration, waiting, and triage as well as multiple exam / procedure rooms of various types. Patient demand varies not only by time of day and day of week, but also varies across their different centers. UCCS wants to determine the best general layout, staffing, room allocation, and other operating methodologies. UCCS would also like to evaluate how increasing patient incentives to pre-schedule for exams and other minor sicknesses could potentially reduce the staffing required. Since it is desired to use the same model to optimize centers in many cities, the simulation model must be data driven to easily modify the patient demographics and experiment with the facility and staff configuration and optimization. The proposal must be “sold” to the UCCS board, so 3d animation and clarity of the results is particularly important. Read the full Problem: https://www.simio.com/academics/StudentCompetition/December2015/December2015_SimioCompetitionProblemStatement.pdf
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10972/3374
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